The Pros and Cons of Oral Birth Control for Women

The Pros and Cons of Oral Birth Control for Women

Birth control pills were initially looked down upon but today have become one of the most trusted and safest forms of contraception. Many young women prefer the pill as it is convenient as compared to other intrusive options. It is also popular among young moms who trust the pill as compared to other methods. Reliability and reversibility are two main reasons for a growing number of women taking to the pill as a safe contraception method.

1. What are birth control pills?
Birth control pills contain the female hormones progesterone or combine estrogen and progesterone. These prevent the ovaries from ovulating. The pills also cause a change in the uterus lining so that the eggs cannot attach to the uterus. The pills also help in thickening the mucus in the cervix, ensuring the sperm does not travel to the uterus. The rate of effectiveness of the birth control pills ranges from 92 to 99 percent. The pills usually come in a pack of 28, which includes 21 pills: hormones and a pack of 7 pills that are reminders. You will have to take one pill a day and at the same time every day so that the hormone levels are steady. Once you start the pills, you will likely see shorter menstrual cycles with a lighter flow than normal. The pills are also available for 91 days and 1-year cycles.

2. What are the side effects of birth control pills?
Some women may experience spotting and bleeding after menstrual cycles, diarrhea, and headaches. If you have hypertension and are over 35 years, if you are a smoker or have other health conditions, you need to consult a doctor about how safe the pills are for you and how long you can take these pills.

3. What are the advantages?
Since the pills are effective, you need not worry about getting pregnant. Once you decide to have kids, all you need to do is to stop taking the pills. The convenience, effectiveness and fewer side effects make birth control pills one of the safest contraceptive methods for women.

If you use the birth pill every day as per the doctor’s advice, provided you do not have any risk factor that can trigger a side effect or a complication, then the birth pills are 99% effective and lead to lesser side effects.

4. What are the dos and don’ts?
With multiple birth control pills available in the market, always choose one with the help of your doctor to avoid side effects and complications. Try a brand at least 3 or 4 months before your body gets used to the pill. Some pills could cause weight gain. If you generally forget to take medication on time, you should try alternate contraceptive options. You should also be open to trying other methods of contraception in case your pills do not suit you. Make sure you consult your doctor before choosing any new option.