4 Most Affordable Home Gym Setups

4 Most Affordable Home Gym Setups

Who hasn’t dreamt of having a gym at home? It’s a dream come true for every fitness enthusiast and those who aspire to be healthy and have a fit physique. However, gym setups can be expensive and a burden on those running on a budget. To address these concerns, we’ve made a list of the most affordable home gym setups that you must get your hands on.

1. Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym
The Bowflex PR300 Home Gym setup is an all-rounder. It comes with 50 training exercises and takes up very little space without compromising on your body-building experience. Its adjustable strength allows you to change the weights according to your preference and performance needs. You can adjust it up to a max limit of 310 pounds. Besides, the power rod helps reduce time when moving between exercises as it compensates for the cables and pulleys.

2. MiM USA Commercial Hercules 1001 Jumbo Trainer
This is another all-in-one gym setup for all gym enthusiasts. If you’re a pro, this is the ideal option for you. The MiM USA Commercial Hercules 1001 Jumbo Trainer comes with weight plates, cables, pulleys, a Smith machine, a power cage, leg press, weight bench, and so much more. It’s like a real gym built inside your home. In addition, you get all sorts of accessories like handles, grips, tubes, and so on. The only downside to this setup is its massive size, which may occupy a large part of your garage. However, its features make up for it.

3. Technogym’s Unica
Unica is a multi-functional gym arrangement. It’s easy to set up and sits in the corner of your house nicely, without calling much attention to itself. But don’t let this small stature fool you for its performance. It’s a highly reliable and durable home gym setup that can help you with arm, leg, chest, and full-body exercises. If you’re looking for something above the beginner’s level but not too advanced, this is the right choice for you.

The setup is ideal not only because of its sturdiness and cool looks but also because of the plush cushions and equipment made especially for strength training. It comes with additional accessories such as a mat, hand grips, bands, a pulley bar, and a DVD to get you started.

4. The Tonal
This is a high-tech setup that fits on your wall. It’s by far the least space-consuming gym setup. However, it’s equally effective as your gym buddy. It comes with resistance arm extensions, digitally controlled weights, routines from experts, and an automatic workout-tracking system. This home gym setup is your perfect trainer as it can track all your moves, count reps, and monitor your weight lifts and performance, perhaps better than your regular trainer.

We hope you have found your ideal setups from our list of the most affordable home gym setups.