5 Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

5 Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has various treatments, including physical devices, prescription medications, and some natural remedies. But do the natural remedies work, and are they safe? Here in this article, we will look at some natural and alternative remedies for ED that work. Let us address these treatments one by one.

1. Acupuncture
Even though there are mixed studies, a couple of them suggest that acupuncture does have a positive outcome in curing ED. A study found that acupuncture improved the erection quality and restored sexual activity in approximately 39% of people. Further, a 2003 study concluded that 21% of ED patients treated with acupuncture did start getting a better erection. If you get this treatment from a licensed professional, there are significantly fewer risks involved. Thus, it is one of the best natural and alternative remedies for ED.

2. Yohimbe
Yohimbe, which is an African tree’s bark, is considered an aphrodisiac. A different Yohimbe form, Yohimbe hydrochloride, is prevalently available as an ED prescription medication. However, it is not the same product as the supplement composed of tree bark. Before you use this home remedy to cure ED, please consult your doctor because studies link serious side effects, such as seizures and heart attack, with Yohimbe consumption. Other side effects of Yohimbe include high blood pressure, anxiety, and stomach issues.

3. Exercise
Several lifestyle changes can help cure erectile dysfunction. However, one of the most effective of them is exercising. Exercising can have a significant impact and works on multiple fronts to help overcome ED development. Exercise can help improve the blood flow, which is mandatory for a good erection. Further, it betters blood pressure by boosting the degree of nitric oxide in the blood vessels, and this is precisely how Viagra works. Engaging in strength training with weights can heighten testosterone production, which is vital in sex drive and boosting erectile strength.

4. Avoid alcohol consumption
If you drink too much alcohol, it can dampen your spirits, resulting in erectile dysfunction. Moreover, alcohol directly impacts our central nervous system, which controls the sexual reflexes. So, if you drink more alcohol, it will slow down the body’s ability to feel, perform, or respond to reflexes. More so, consuming high quantities of alcohol over time has a profound implication on the liver, which can heighten estrogen production in men.

5. Quit smoking
When you smoke, your arteries become stiff, and they have a negative impact on your ability to hold an erection. In addition, when the blood flow across the body is lowered, it hampers the body’s ability to maintain an erection.