5 Most Expensive Designer Jacket Brands

5 Most Expensive Designer Jacket Brands

Every fashion enthusiast dreams of a wardrobe with incredible clothes. At the very least, what one needs is all the basics for a complete outfit, and a good, expensive jacket is a must-have for this. The item is severely underrated and can take a look from drab to fab instantly. In case you’re ready with the big bucks, here are some of most expensive designer jacket brands to know about.

1. Gucci
Who has not heard of Gucci and how expensive they are? However, the fame has come after years of hard work and dedication towards creating the most unique pieces. Gucci jackets epitomize the glamor and sophistication the brand stands for. Even though they are pricey, many consider them a must-have. The Italian brand is easily recognized for its unique designs and finely curated pieces of high-quality fabrics. Those who like to take risks with their outfits will enjoy this brand the most.

2. Prada
Prada is another brand, which is not only expensive but is also on everyone’s wishlist. Prada jackets are one of the most unique creations due to their impeccable tailoring and they come with hefty price tags. The brand believes in creating jackets that stand the test of time and never go out of fashion. You will see only the most well-known faces in the fashion and entertainment industry donning Prada jackets and the fashion house likes it that way.

3. Salvatore Ferragamo
A name frequented on the red carpets, Salvatore Ferragamo is a brand that knows what its clients want. Ferragamo jackets are not only suitable for special occasions but also work as casual wear. However, do not think that the jackets will be any less expensive. The brand is lauded for its excellent design and fine stitches along with its commitment to the fashion industry.

4. Yves Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent’s classic collection of jackets is famous around the world. The brand strongly believes in fashion not having to succumb to gender stereotypes, which is why most of its collections are gender fluid. The unique designs and styles of jackets are always paired with an element of luxury, creating statement pieces every time. However, ensure to catch up with their latest trends, as they keep changing with the season.

5. Givenchy
Givenchy has always been one of the most luxurious brands in the world, right from its inception. Givenchy jackets and other clothing are always ahead of the trends, and they still maintain a casual and comfortable feel. A popular brand among celebrities, models, and all kinds of famous personalities, it is definitely a must-have brand for all fashion enthusiasts.

There are several other designer brands that frequently launch expensive jackets that can be considered a life long investment if chosen well.