Best Interactive Toys for Pets

Best Interactive Toys for Pets

Physical and mental stimulation is essential not only for humans but also for pets. Be it cats, dogs, pigs, birds, or fish, they all respond well to interactive toys. The excitement that these toys offer relieves boredom and makes the animals happy. They keep the pets active and healthy as well. Here are a few options for interactive pet toys you can consider.

1. For dogs
There are numerous interactive toys for pet dogs. You can play fetch with your pets to keep them active, or you can hide treats in the toys and excite your pup or adult dog to work for it. The animals have to “think,” and this problem-solving exercise enriches them.

Alternatively, the Boomer Ball is a waterproof, easy-to-clean interactive toy available in multiple sizes. The ball does not require batteries and is virtually indestructible. Pets instinctively chase the ball, keeping your furry baby stimulated for a long time both outdoors and in water.

2. For cats
By nature, cats are curious and playful. In the wild, they hide, hunt, scratch, and climb trees. They are active and love challenges, and interactive toys cater precisely to that. They keep your pet feline’s brain and muscles energized and healthy.

Cat puzzle feeders encourage your cats to fish out food with their paws or tongues to release the food inside the interactive puzzle toy. You can create the puzzle at home with a transparent food container. Simply make some holes in the lid, fill the box with a few catnip toys, a ping pong ball, or your cat’s favorite treats.

If the above seems too complicated, a simple cardboard box can become a scratchpad for your pet feline and, if you leave the box open at both ends, she might even use it as a hiding place and have fun with it for hours on end. Alternately, you could tie colorful feathers to the end of an empty toilet roll tube and watch your kitty entertaining herself with it.

3. For fish
Famous for their inquisitive nature and colorful appearance, some aquarium fish can even recognize you and perform tricks. In the wild, natural environment, there is plenty of stimulation for them in plants, rocks, and driftwood. So, without a doubt, fish thrive well with interactive toys in their tank.

You can keep your fish physically and mentally stimulated with a hollow log made from resin. The detailed, realistic-looking tree trunk should have a flat base that allows it to settle down at the bottom of the tank. Besides being a pretty accessory, the multiple holes on the tree trunk toy make your fish happy. They love to go in and out of the trunk to sleep, rest, hide, play, and breed. You can see your fish darting in and out of the holes on this log happily because it caters to their natural instincts.