6 Tips to Style Every Kind of Jewelry

6 Tips to Style Every Kind of Jewelry

Jewelry can be tricky to manage, but it can be effectively used to enhance your look with the right pieces. However, the wrong ones can also spoil your look. Choosing the right jewelry every day can be overwhelming, as it should match your wardrobe and any other accessories you sport. So, here are some tips to style every kind of jewelry that a fashion-conscious person should know.

1. Statement earrings
Anyone looking at you might first notice your earrings. So, it is important to choose the right ones that match your outfit. Earrings should complement your eye color, skin tone, and hair while framing your face perfectly.

In case you have long hair, you can go for earrings that consist of either metal or color finish, as these are more visible. The shape of your face also needs to be taken into account when you are choosing earrings. Those with heart-shaped faces can opt for drop earrings, which do not taper at the bottom. People with oval faces can choose among triangular earrings or studs, as these will complement their cheekbones.

2. Layers of rings, bracelets, and necklaces
You can create attractive styles by trying out different bangles, neckpieces, rings, and earrings, wearing them in layers. Necklaces can be used to attract attention by layering pieces of various lengths on the neck. You can mix and match with multiple colors, shapes, and textures here. Rings can be worn in different combinations to make them look eye-catching. Bangles and bracelets are easy to layer. All you have to do is cover your arm with pieces that flash and jangle.

3. Mixing cool with warm
Often, people opt for the traditional routine of matching cool colors with similar colored outfits and vice-versa. However, warm gemstones like amber gems, canary diamonds, and rubies are great matches for cool colors like blue and purple, even though these gems are style statements by themselves. On the other hand, deep green and dark blue gemstones look amazing against bright, warm colors like yellow and orange. Accessorizing is striking the balance between these shades.

4. White, black, and gold
Powerful statements are made simply by pairing black or gold jewelry with simple, classic outfits. Black attire, especially, works well with onyx gems and bright gold jewelry.

5. Mix metals
Pendants that are in complete contrast to the chains they are attached to make a good style statement. Your outfits become colorful and vibrant if you add some layered necklaces, bangles made of different metals, or rings in various colors.

6. Wear the right amount of jewelry
Knowing when to stop accessorizing is key to making a style statement. If you are wearing an attractive piece on your neckline, like a layered necklace, avoid wearing a handful of bangles. If you sport a bright, bold pair of earrings, go for a subtle neckpiece.