4 Reasons to Drink Coffee Before Workouts

4 Reasons to Drink Coffee Before Workouts

There are many ways to enhance your performance during a workout. Some take supplements, and others take proteins and various kinds of shakes to reach their optimum performance. But nothing beats a cup of coffee, with no cream or sugar. This simple two-minute drink can really make the difference in your performance, one that you have been waiting for. Let us discover the reasons to drink coffee before a workout.

1. Improves athletic performance
If taken in low or moderate amounts before your workout session, the caffeine present in coffee can improve your performance by a noticeable amount. It doesn’t matter if you are a regular coffee drinker or not; a cup of coffee taken without cream and sugar can work wonders. This may also allow you to continue for a longer duration before bringing any form of exhaustion. Therefore, you can clock in more hours, burn more calories, and lose less energy.

2. Reduces pain in the muscles
It is common for people working out to experience muscle pain and cramps. Well, no longer. A simple cup of coffee taken before you hit the gym is known to reduce muscle pain after workouts. This also means that the recovery time post the workout is also reduced. So any tiredness you feel after working out will only likely last for a short time and allow you to complete more reps.

3. Increases metabolism
When you work out regularly, your body must function at its optimum, with increased metabolic activity to provide you the required energy and strength. Research states that people who regularly drink a cup of coffee have increased metabolic activities. The rate at which the stored and incoming fat molecules are digested increases, and they produce more instant energy. This increased energy can last for about three hours. However, you must exercise caution here too. Like any other medication or supplement, too much caffeine can backfire. So make sure you regulate the amount of caffeine you intake and consult your trainer regularly.

4. Increases strength and speed
Studies suggest that caffeine can increase your total strength and improve speed and agility. This essentially means that caffeine can help you boost the minimum weight lifts, increase jump heights, and speed up push-ups, squats, and sit-ups. Some researchers have gone so far as to claim that caffeine can reduce workout time from 45 seconds to eight seconds; now, that is a significant improvement. What’s more, with a single coffee cup, you can reap the benefits that you’d get from years of training.

We hope you have found these reasons to drink coffee before a workout compelling. If you would like to improve your performance further, consult your trainer today and get a personalized diet chart ready. Monitor your caffeine intake, and steer clear of any prescriptions or artificial performance-enhancing substitutes.