4 Essential Oils for Dandruff and Dry Scalp

4 Essential Oils for Dandruff and Dry Scalp

Essential oils are useful to treat dandruff. Many well-known shampoo brands include these oils in their formula. But you can also mix your favorite essential oil in Castile liquid soap to make your own shampoo. However, it is necessary to dilute it with a carrier oil due to its highly concentrated nature. When used regularly, the oils can treat many hair-related problems. Here are some essential oils for dandruff and dry scalp.

1. Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is one of the most recommended essential oils for dandruff and dry scalp. Its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties work wonders in getting rid of hair problems. To use it, mix a drop of tea tree oil with olive oil or any other carrier oil. Then heat it up so that it spreads effectively. Massage the oil onto your scalp for at least 30 minutes and cover it with a shower cap. Once your scalp gets used to the essential oil, you can increase the ratio to one-to-one. Although you can choose the frequency as per the condition of your hair, it is advisable to use this remedy at least once every week to prevent oil buildup.

2. Frankincense oil
If you have a dry scalp, this should be your go-to essential oil treatment. Regularly using frankincense oil keeps your scalp moist and prevents dryness. People prefer applying it after hair wash when the scalp is absolutely clean. This allows the oil to penetrate through the scalp and work effectively. To try this remedy, add a drop of frankincense oil to four ounces of carrier oil. You can adjust the ratio over time as your scalp gets used to the treatment. After application, cover your head with a shower cap for at least 15 minutes before shampooing your hair again. Repeat this process as much as you like to get rid of the flakes problem.

3. Geranium oil
If you are looking for a squeaky clean scalp, geranium is an excellent essential oil to add to your haircare arsenal. The oil helps treat your scalp and revitalize damaged hair from root to tip. Germanium is also known to boost sebum production. This is an essential element for smooth and silky hair.

4. Peppermint
Peppermint has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe an itchy scalp and absorb excess oil from your head. Regular use can help you treat the dandruff problem over a while. For this remedy, add a drop or two of peppermint oil to your scent-free shampoo. Repeat the process when you want to give some refreshment to your scalp.

These are just some of the many oils that can work wonders on your hair and help you bid farewell to these pesky hair troubles. Always ensure to dilute essential oils before using them. If required, you can also do a patch test on your skin to check for sensitivity.

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