Top 4 Affordable 4K TVs

Top 4 Affordable 4K TVs

You might be looking for a 4K TV for various reasons. Maybe you just want to upgrade your current television or want to buy a new one for your family. Regardless of the reason, you should consider buying one, as they are gaining popularity and for good reason. So, let us check out some of the most affordable 4K TVs of 2021.

1. Samsung UE55TU8000
This is part of the Samsung 8-series, which is popularly ranked right below the company’s famous QLEDs. The Samsung UE55TU8000 has the right combination of features at a suitable price. Its picture quality is improved, and the device consists of three HDMI inputs, along with its various smart TV streaming options of Disney, Netflix, and Now TV, among others. This way, you do not need a streaming stick. The interface is decent and features voice control, so you can comfortably browse all its content. It sports impressive detailing, solid and deep black levels, and punchy colors. The display is good across 4K, HD, and SD pictures. For being one of the most affordable 4K TVs, the sound quality is standard, which can be enhanced, if required, using a soundboard.

2. TCL 6-Series QLED with MiniLED (R635)
This 6-Series device has improved in its color definition and display, removing any haloing or light bleed. This is the first TV to feature a THX Certified Game Mode, which can be ideal for 1440p/120Hz gaming. Its design makes sure all your cables and wires also remain hidden. This one of the most affordable 4K TVs recommended to those who binge Netflix, stream Hulu, or those who are just looking to enjoy their viewing experience.

3. Hisense H8G Quantum Series
This TV sports some of the latest features, but at a lower price, compared to its counterparts. The Hisense H8G is a 65-inch screen TV at an amazing value, consisting of apps that can be easily used. It has handy Google Assistant support and attractive technical specs similar to those in expensive TV models.

4. Philips 50PUS6703
This latest creation by Philips features a 50-inch 4K HDR screen with the company’s attractive Ambilight picture technology. You also get all the smart TV apps in this model. The display is excellent, with natural skin tones and eye-catching but intricate colors. You can watch everything clearly on the screen, even during a close-up. The TV has an impressive texture and background. Black levels that the device provides might not always show every dark detail. However, you do get to watch rich, inky dark scenes unfold. If you are on a budget, this is certainly one of the 4K TVs you can look at.

These are some of the most affordable 4K TVs. However, several more are available in the market today. Take a close look at the devices and make a selection that suits your requirement.

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