The 6 Most Popular Dress Styles in the World

The 6 Most Popular Dress Styles in the World

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To help you get started, here are the most popular dress styles from around the world.

1. Midi
A midi is a must-have in every women’s wardrobe. A midi falls somewhere between a maxi and a mini. Depending on the style type, cut, sleeve, and neckline, it can be worn for various occasions. Some even wear it to formal events when the dress code is not specifically mentioned. It is also a wise choice for comfortable day wear or a date night. But remember to accessorize.

2. Bodycon
When talking of dresses, how can we forget bodycon? It is a body-hugging dress that is perfect for date nights and casual parties. It is the perfect option when you want to accentuate your curves. Bodycon is usually mini but can be extended up to the knees. Ideally worn with heels and stilettos, but feel free to create your own style with this modern dress.

3. Mini
No wardrobe is complete without a mini LBD. It is a suitable option for those who love to show off their legs or like to keep it simple and short. Minis have evolved over the years and are favorites for many occasions like casuals, date nights, parties, or formal events.

4. A-line
The dress is called so because of the shape it gives to the wearer from the waist down. This dress is tighter or fitted at the waist and flares as it goes down. It is mainly casual wear; however, feel free to style it up with accessories, boots or strappy sandals, and a sling.

5. Maxi
The maxi dress is always below your knees, up to your ankles, or touching the ground. This is casual wear perfect for the summers if made with light fabric. For a more stylish look, you can pair it up with jewelry, earrings, and stilettos. But for a more casual look, you can wear strappy sandals and a hat to protect you from the heat.

6. Sheath
A sheath dress is a more formal dress, perfect for office-goers or for a formal dinner. It is a body-fitting dress and comes right up to the knees, not above or below. The dress is best accentuated when paired with statement earrings or studs and heels for formal dinners. Carry a clutch to add effect, but make sure to keep it simple. At work, pair it up with an envelope bag, statement watch, and stilettos.

These are some of the most popular dress styles from around the world. With these ideas, you can create your own individual style.