6 Helpful Tips to Make Scents Last

6 Helpful Tips to Make Scents Last

Perfume and fragrance are vital to a woman for energy, creating a certain mood (i.e., romance), and confidence when out in the world—working, traveling, brunching, or just running errands. However, studies show that women’s fragrances last just four hours on average. However, if you’ve discovered your signature scent, you want it to last all day long. This article will discuss some important tips to maintain a fragrance for longer:

1. Know different types of scent

The concentration of alcohol in a perfume is a key factor in its staying power. Alcohol in a fragrance helps to diffuse the scent. After some time, the alcohol concentration diminishes, and the fragrance is deemed to have finished. Eau de perfumes have more fragrance and are more intense (they last five hours); Eau de toilettes have less and are lighter (they last three hours).

2. Apply petroleum jelly on the pulse points

Before you apply your fragrance, it is essential to prepare your skin to hold the fragrance for a more extended period. Try to smooth a little petroleum jelly like Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying fragrance. Pulse points include behind the neck, behind the knees, insides of your wrists and elbows, and behind your ears. At the pulse points, the skin is thinner than any other body part. The delicate skin is vital as the scent is nearer to the blood and body heat which helps to diffuse the fragrance.

3. Exfoliate and moisturize skin

Before applying fragrance, it is vital to wash thoroughly to remove dead skin cells and granular layers. This process is called exfoliation. After washing up, it is crucial to use an unscented lotion before spritzing your fragrance. The lotion should be massaged to keep the skin oily. An oil-based moisturizer helps to lock the scent on your body.

4. Spritz your hair brush and clothing

It is important to remember spritzing some perfume on your clothes and hairbrush when spraying a scent. Clothing fibers have a longer holding time, enabling you to stay fragrant. This is especially so for fabric because they keep the fragrance even after being washed.

5. Don’t rub wrists together

After spraying your fragrance, do not dap your wrists. Dabbing your wrists will generate heat which will help the fragrance to diffuse quickly. This means that your fragrance won’t last long. If you are trying to blend two scents, try tapping your wrists instead. Dabbing helps reduce unnecessary friction, which affects the longevity of your fragrance. You can try dabbing your wrist on your arm, neck, or any place where you would wish to deposit some scent without altering the longevity.

6. Wear a deodorant or antiperspirants

To help to block skin pores and prevent a sweaty body you will need an antiperspirant. Deodorants have different scents, such as the floral-scented, which help block sweat pores with a masking presence. However, it is advisable to use an unscented deodorant before spritzing your perfume to have a lasting effect. If you use scented deodorant, the fragrance would be too strong, affecting other people due to the mixture of smells.

It is important to remember that a good shower is the key to a good smell. How often one showers is dependent on your skin type, preferences, or daily activities. After a shower, you can apply your fragrance as the moisture on the skin will help hold the scent.


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