5 Best Lipstick Shades for Daily Use

5 Best Lipstick Shades for Daily Use

Getting ready for work every day is a stressful task, especially when you are aiming to look your very best. Apart from the way you dress, you must also take care of how you style and present yourself, which majorly includes your use of makeup.

On most days, full-fledged makeup can be avoided, but opting for the right shade of lipstick remains key. It can be a nude shade that complements your face or a bright one that seeks attention. Regardless, you must choose the color wisely. Here is a list of the best everyday lipstick shades you can choose from before stepping outside your house.

1. Schiap Nars Semi-Matte Lipstick
This hot pink lipstick might look like a suitable shade for those who are not used to wearing such bright, eye-catching colors. However, it is a common choice for anyone looking to brighten their look across all skin tones. The lipstick has cool undertones and a velvety, semi-matte finish. You can also opt for this lipstick to complement your smile as your teeth look brighter and whiter.

2. Memi Matte Luxe Old Flame
With a stylish matte finish, this ultra-pigmented and full-bodied lipstick shade can help you give that dramatic look on a regular basis. The shade is bound to catch eyes and is good for your lips as it contains jojoba oil. The lipstick is simple to apply and lasts longer without drying. If you want to look at other shades, the company offers seven other options for you to choose from.

3. Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint Coconut Nectar
For those who are looking for a subtle lipstick shade that can be worn daily, this is the best everyday lipstick shade for you. Made with cocoa butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E, the lipstick gives you the right color and nourishes your lips. You can easily apply and reapply shade while outside with minimal hassle.

4. Tarte Color Splash Escape
This is a soft pink shade that can quickly match most of your outfits, so you do not have to give a second thought while choosing this lipstick. Its matte finish will last long without fading or smudging. The lipstick is lightweight and easy to apply to your lips. To add its benefits, the product moisturizes your lips as it contains antioxidants.

5. Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Matte Lip Crayon
Many prefer lipstick crayons over their counterparts as they are much easier to put on and reapply when needed. For them, this lipstick shade by Burt’s Bees can be an ideal choice. The lipstick is lightweight and moisturizes your lips due to its contents of jojoba oil, shea butter, and kendi oil. Choose from colors like shades of reds, pinks, nudes, and plums.

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