How to Choose Between Gas and Diesel Trucks

How to Choose Between Gas and Diesel Trucks

When looking to buy a new truck it is essential to consider all options available. That usually means having to make a choice, early on in the research process, between gas versus diesel trucks. The main difference between the two is obviously the engine. Gas-powered vehicles use spark-plugs along with regular unleaded gasoline to run.

Diesel engines, on the other hand, are different. They do not use the traditional combustion process as a gas-powered engine. That means there are some pros and cons to each of them. Here is a quick guide to understanding the differences from three main points:

1. Vehicle price

Trucks can be expensive, but a truck with a Diesel engine can cost on average $10,000 more. There are some reasons for this. For example, they are more expensive to build than their regular gas brother. While choosing which truck to buy solely on the price is one way to buy a truck, it might not be the best option. Diesel trucks cost more but typically survive longer than their gas counterparts. This means that buying a diesel truck is more expensive initially but may have a better return on investment, including equity over time.

2. Fuel efficiency

When it comes to this category, diesel trucks usually win. They are more efficient when it comes to traveling long distances. When considering which truck to buy, consider what the main purpose of the truck is. That being said, it might not be worth the extra money to buy a diesel truck for traveling around town. In order to justify the cost of the diesel truck, make sure that it will be traveling enough to see savings in fuel economy.

3. Power

Once again, there is a point where diesel trucks are just not worth the extra money. Alternatively, there are times when they are hands down the best option. When it comes to performance, the diesel truck will outperform its gas counterpart any day. They have tremendous towing power with better fuel economy. However, like fuel economy, many trucks with a gasoline engine can deliver sufficient towing capacity. Be genuine and realistic when it comes to finding the perfect truck. Buy based on needs, not wants.

4. Maintenance

This is probably one of the most debated subjects surrounding the debate between gas vs. diesel trucks. Some believe that the absence of spark plugs in the Diesel engine makes service simpler. While that may be true, the Diesel engine has parts that the gas engine does not. There is no real clear winner when it comes to maintenance cost. Oil changes, effective air filters, coolant, and more are all important for any kind of vehicle. When it comes down to understanding the debate between the two trucks, think of it as a moot point.

Most truck shoppers already have in mind what type of truck they want. Typically, their research helps them feel good about their decision. So, when considering whether to buy a gas or diesel truck, keep these few things in mind. But, most importantly, shop for a truck-based on how the truck will be used.

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